Suit Yourself Up

Good Things To Know:

What conversations to expect when you wear certain color suits:

  1. Warm colors like brown and camel lead to conversations about friendly things like family. You might want to wear these in informal settings like parties and social gatherings. 
  2. Cool colors like grey are serious so they will set a more professional vibe and bring on discussion & questions about work.

Show your personality with socks:

Matching your socks to your trousers is the traditional way to wear them. If you want to show your playful side try a color and fun patterns. It takes a certain personality to wear them and you can showcase who you are by what you wear on your feet.  **Disclaimer: Your socks should match your tie, pocket square or shirt. If you are going to wear a different pattern keep them in the same color family.

If the fit of your pant is right than you shouldn't see the sock if you are standing still up. Only walking or sitting!

Pattern mixing:

When wearing your suit you shouldn't wear more than 2 patterns for every 3 pieces(jacket, tie, shirt). If you are combining like patterns than make sure they vary in scale. If you are going to wear different patterns than combine are will!

The Plaid Challenge Episode 2

Sharing an oldy but a goody :) Loved making this video! 

'Attention gentlemen! This fall is all about plaid. Last week I challenged myself to find 3 perfect plaid pieces each under $300. 3 for girls and 3 for the guys! That's right everyone.. this is episode 2 of the Plaid Challenge. Watch and see the amazing finds I snatched up for the guys! 

Hey guys, Allie here. This fall is all about plaid. I challenged myself to find 3 perfect plaid pieces each under $300. SUBSCRIBE for the latest style tips, tricks, must have pieces and fashion insider information.

Something To Note

I swear I was just walking down Broadway behind the fancy sock short pant guy!

If you're walking down the street and an inch and a half or more of your fancy printed socks are showing than your pants are way too short. 

Unless you're a model in a fashion show or a celebrity in a photo shoot then this is a fashion NO NO. Don't be THAT guy.


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Fashion Tips With A Side Of Dating Advice

If you are going to sport a shirt with a french cuff (which I highly recommend) then you better make sure you have an amazing watch along with some snazzy cuff-links. They don't have to break the bank, but they should look like it. 

Lets be honest, when a man wears a suit and a shirt with french cuff's peaking out of the sleeve on a date he scores mucho points. Unless he wears them with an " I know I look good" attitude. Then I try escaping out the bathroom window.  

So, the lesson here guys is look good, know it, but don't act like you know it. 

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Must Have For Every Man

Must Have For Every Man

Ok guys, here is a short, but important, list of the basics items you need to own. If you don't have them then start worrying!

sneakers*oxfords*boots*sandals/flip flops

A dark slim jean that's actually comfortable! 

Pants & Chinos:

I'm the first person to admit that the word "docker" used to be a word that had a negative connotation in my vocabulary. Not anymore. Fashion changes and I'm on the docker train now. 

Casual Jackets:

#1- Everyone needs a casual jean jacket. It's a staple now. 

#2-Typically the bomber jacket look is oversized. It's almost like you are 7 and you are wearing your dad's jacket. So please go down a size. This is a good early fall and spring option if you get a light weight one. 

#3- Every guy needs a good wool coat. A pea coat or something similar. 


For bumming around & layering. Make sure it's in great condition. No ratty old college zip up sweatshirts. 

Suits & Blazers:

Like I've said a million times before. Get a good tailor or you might as well not wear it!  just saying....

In past posts I said pay attention to the fit of the shoulder. That should be your main point of concentration because you can't fix those. Everything else can be tailored. 

Dress shirts:

You can tailor a dress shirt too! Just spend a little less on the shirt and take it to a great tailor. Like suits, most guys aren't the exact size of the shirt and nothing is worse than a big, baggy dress shirt. You'll loo like a schlep (as my mom would say). 


Make sure you have navy, black, white and grey. And for the love of god replace your white tees the second you see any stains.  Here are two good tee options.


Black leather is a must-have in every mans closet. If you are more preppy then you can rock patterned belt. 


If you see your socks when you sit you need to up your sock game.



Before you leave the house...

 Raincoats for the modern Gents


April showers bring May that the saying? Well, sometimes it continues to rain well into June and we must all be well prepared. Especially you! Men...

  • Classic trench

The simplistic and versatile classic coat is perfect for everyday. Gives you a polished look without much effort.

Key design details:

  1. Double breasted
  2. Neutral color like khaki, navy, brown
  3. Should hit about mid thigh. 
  • The Mac

The mac has no bells or whistles. You don't really need to put much thought into what to wear with this one. Just throw it on and get going already!
Key design details:

  1. Single breasted
  2. Minimal detailing 
  • The Anorak

Love this style coat because it's fun & playful. I am also partial to any piece of clothing that had a hood.
Key design details:

  1. Snaps 
  2. Zipper closure
  3. Hood

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Secrets For The Professional Man

Tips for making your suite more modern and well fitted. These tips basically tell you how to choose a suit and best of all- look like a million bucks in it. 

1. The width of your tie should match the width of your lapel. It's all about balance. If one is larger than the other something will look off. 

2. Thin lapels are more modern and a wide lapel is more "old school".

3. Pocket squares add a level of polish and sophistication. Just make sure your square isn't the same color or fabric as any part of your suite or tie. It's meant to stand on its own by adding some interest and personality to your outfit, at the same time compliment your look.  

4. When buying a suit make sure the shoulders fit PERFECTLY. The sales people that work in the suiting department most likely know a thing or two about how suits should fit, so use them. 

  • Open your hand and place it vertically on the tip of the pad against your muscle. If you can feel your shoulder then this means the shoulders don't fit and you should try a smaller size.

5. Go for charcoal or grey over black when buying a suit. Grey's go well with most colors. Black is a bit too serious. If you want a solid suit try a dark navy.

6. Opt for a thin belt. Thin=sophisticated. Belt's finish the look and should always match your shoes. 

7. Your shoes should always match the color of you suit. They can definitely be tonal to compliment the color of your suit.

8. If you are on the larger side try a jacket with a double vent.

9. A single button jacket can also be worn more casually.

10. Most men around off the rack suit sizes. Invest in your suit and get a good tailor. Ill fitting suits are the worst and say more about you then you realize.  

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How To Tie A Bow Tie

I always wondered how to tie one of these things. Follow these easy steps and you will be able to tie it like a pro!

  • with the tie hung around you neck adjust each side so that one side is longer than the other
  • cross the longer end over the shorter end
  • tie the long end under and through the neck loop until nice and snug but not that you are being strangled 
  • fold the short end in half across your neck
  • bring the longer end over and down across the center of your neck (the placket of your shirt)
  • there should be a loop at the back of your bow and you will use your thumb to push the longer end of the tie through that loop
  • adjust as you see fit

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Mixing It Up

Pattern mixing is a great way to add interest to a man's look. Pair a striped sweater with a flannel shirt. Make sure to keep the most prominent color in the sweater consistent with the color in the flannel pattern. If you're feeling bold add a printed tie. Again, make sure to keep the colors in the print cohesive with the color of the sweater and the plaid. If you are wearing warm colors (brown, camel, berry etc) then keep the color of the print in the warm color family. 


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Not So Shabby

With the re-emergence of all this denim, I'm happy to announce that the jean jacket is back. I have been waiting for this day since I was a little girl! Take note guys. This is a great way to dress it up and make it look more modern and less lumberjack. The first layer is a button down shirt, then the jean jacket, and to top off the look add a blazer or a sports coat.