Before you leave the house...

 Raincoats for the modern Gents


April showers bring May that the saying? Well, sometimes it continues to rain well into June and we must all be well prepared. Especially you! Men...

  • Classic trench

The simplistic and versatile classic coat is perfect for everyday. Gives you a polished look without much effort.

Key design details:

  1. Double breasted
  2. Neutral color like khaki, navy, brown
  3. Should hit about mid thigh. 
  • The Mac

The mac has no bells or whistles. You don't really need to put much thought into what to wear with this one. Just throw it on and get going already!
Key design details:

  1. Single breasted
  2. Minimal detailing 
  • The Anorak

Love this style coat because it's fun & playful. I am also partial to any piece of clothing that had a hood.
Key design details:

  1. Snaps 
  2. Zipper closure
  3. Hood

Monthly style tips from yours truly xoxo

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