Must Have For Every Man

Must Have For Every Man

Ok guys, here is a short, but important, list of the basics items you need to own. If you don't have them then start worrying!

sneakers*oxfords*boots*sandals/flip flops

A dark slim jean that's actually comfortable! 

Pants & Chinos:

I'm the first person to admit that the word "docker" used to be a word that had a negative connotation in my vocabulary. Not anymore. Fashion changes and I'm on the docker train now. 

Casual Jackets:

#1- Everyone needs a casual jean jacket. It's a staple now. 

#2-Typically the bomber jacket look is oversized. It's almost like you are 7 and you are wearing your dad's jacket. So please go down a size. This is a good early fall and spring option if you get a light weight one. 

#3- Every guy needs a good wool coat. A pea coat or something similar. 


For bumming around & layering. Make sure it's in great condition. No ratty old college zip up sweatshirts. 

Suits & Blazers:

Like I've said a million times before. Get a good tailor or you might as well not wear it!  just saying....

In past posts I said pay attention to the fit of the shoulder. That should be your main point of concentration because you can't fix those. Everything else can be tailored. 

Dress shirts:

You can tailor a dress shirt too! Just spend a little less on the shirt and take it to a great tailor. Like suits, most guys aren't the exact size of the shirt and nothing is worse than a big, baggy dress shirt. You'll loo like a schlep (as my mom would say). 


Make sure you have navy, black, white and grey. And for the love of god replace your white tees the second you see any stains.  Here are two good tee options.


Black leather is a must-have in every mans closet. If you are more preppy then you can rock patterned belt. 


If you see your socks when you sit you need to up your sock game.