Allie was the best. She reviewed my meager closet, and somehow gleaned my taste from that. A short time later, I met her at a store and she had tons of items pulled for me. We picked our favorites, and voila, my wardrobe was 200% better and all the sudden people were complimenting me on my clothes. She’s knowledgeable, she works in your comfort zone, and she’s really helpful.
— Alex B, Brooklyn NY
I hired Allie after completing a style course with another online stylist. Allie is the genuine article, she has an amazing knowledge of brands and an eye for the perfect pieces from each brand. I have a number of very specific stipulations for my clothing. Allie was able to find loads of items that met all of my criteria and were perfect for my style type. Allie is also extremely organized and focused. She has a wonderful process that makes putting a wardrobe together a breeze. Allie has really helped me to be able to get dressed effortlessly and look fabulously put together every day. It has been a joy working with her.
— Rajaa S, Saudi Arabia

Working with Allie was an amazing experience! She was so professional yet warm and friendly, it felt like I was shopping with a friend (a very stylish friend). Allie was able to get me out of my clothes rut and evaluated my current wardrobe and walked me through each item so i could decide what I no longer wore and what I loved, she then offered suggestions for staple pieces and during our shopping trips suggested pieces and outfits to round out my wardrobe for my new job. She also virtually shopped for me which was awesome since I have limited time to go into stores but still wanted a certain professional chic look. Allie also got me out of my clothing box and showed me how to wear certain pieces that I never would have thought would suit me or that I would have thought to purchase (hello white blazer - which is now my fav piece). Whenever I am looking to put an outfit together I channel Allie as inspiration and am much more confident in my wardrobe. Also, the lookbook she creates is such a great resource and helps with putting together outfits. I highly recommend Allie for all shopping and styling needs and will definitely continue using her!
— Sherry M, Hempstead NY
Allie & team, Huge thanks, I have to say your knowledge of fabrics, cuts, seams, and how they conform to the body is incredible. Also understanding composition and context puts your team in a category that so few attain. Thanks again. Charlie
— Charlie W, San Francisco CA
Allie was fabulous. She’s so organized and guided me through a wonderful process of editing my closet and making clothing “boards” of the looks that I thought worked for me and my lifestyle. We then identified gaps in my wardrobe and went shopping to fill them. Allie didn’t try to sell me on anything. She took me to a wide variety of stores with varied prices. We even went to a vintage store and where we found a favorite jacket. Allie had pre-shopped the stores, so our shopping was easy and efficient. She pointed out clothing that she thought would meet my needs and style. She totally understood me and how I liked to dress. She encouraged me to try on some clothes I wouldn’t have picked but ended up loving. Her choices made a big difference in adding more pizazz to my current wardrobe. I definitely plan on working with again in the Spring.
— Beth M, Manhattan NY
I hired Allie for a long overdue closet audit and styling session. I was ready to update and cleanse my closet, having graduated from college a few years ago, but needed the push from someone with fresh eyes. Allie helped remove pieces from my closet that were out of style or no longer relevant to my lifestyle. I have a difficult time letting go, but she was patient and able to talk me through why certain pieces do not fit into my wardrobe anymore. Allie also provided me advice on what to do when shopping in the future, so that I would not get back to the point where I was with too much in my closet!
— Kate K, Brooklyn NY
Having moved to a new city and starting a new job that wasn’t corporate for the first time in my career, I needed some help with my newfound clothing freedom and swag. I found Allie via Yelp and read wonderful reviews about her, so I reached out. I am so happy I did— Allie was responsive, supportive, and helped me navigate the different packages to determine what made the most sense to me. I ended up selecting the “Building a Foundation” package and it was awesome. Allie had me create a pinterest page of styles I loved, came over and hung out with me to look at my closet and create outfits, and shopped with me — pushing me out of my comfort level, but not so much so that I was afraid to wear anything! It was like hanging out and shopping with a girlfriend, but one that is attentive, knows all the right shops, and gives great advice. I have continued to work with her and gotten compliments on my new, elevated style and I feel extremely confident. I cannot recommend her enough!
— Deirdre L, Manhattan NY
I’ve had three excellent experiences working with Allie. I do not enjoy shopping, but I love the idea of opening my closet and liking & wearing everything in it. I hadn’t worked with a personal shopper before & found Allie on yelp. Our first meeting was at my apartment. She assessed what I had, helped me get rid of items that were long overdue to leave & showed me new ways to style current pieces. She also kept tabs on items to buy. I’ve now shopped with her twice - once last fall and one this spring - and both experiences have been wonderful. The first time we met Allie had pre-shopped a large department store & had a rack of clothing waiting in the dressing room when I arrived. The second time we met was in soho & she had similarly mapped out stores in advance and had ideas and pieces in mind from a list of items I told her i was looking for. She took the lengthy time, guess work & repetitive ideas out of the equation and made the experience efficient and fun. She isn’t pushy, can work with any budget and is patient and helpful. I highly recommend Allie and look forward to working with her again!
— Dana S, Manhattan NY
I hired Allie for a wardrobe audit and virtual shopping trip for Winter 2017. By meeting once, and then shopping together via her virtual shopping platform, Allie really spruced up my wardrobe with several thoughtful and affordable pieces that perfectly fit me. Allie is extremely talented and professional - she has a great eye, listens carefully, communicates clearly (e.g. timelines and style advice), and has a deep knowledge of clothing quality and fit, sustainable style, and the apparel market. She encourages you to express your own style - and make smart/affordable choices. It was so easy and fun to work with Allie - I look very forward to working with her on Spring/Summer 2018 shopping.
— Cindy L, Manhattan NY
I hired Allie to help me edit and spruce up my wardrobe and she did not disappoint! We did a wardrobe audit (pretty much everything I own other than t-shirts and pajamas) in one afternoon, and then spent the better part of a day shopping — a combination of preselected items and things she found on the fly. Allie has a great eye, is respectful about budget and time on the clock, and is genuinely a pleasure to be around.
For me, shopping is more enjoyable if I have a trusted second set of eyes to guide me, give me confidence that I am making smart investments and inspire me to step out of my comfort zone. If I could I would take her on every shopping trip with me — and I would look better and feel more comfortable in my own clothes if I did!
— Carolyn C, Brooklyn NY
Allie is fantastic. She is hardworking, talented and focused — but also funny, kind, relaxed and generally a pleasure to spend time with. She has an amazing eye and an infectious joy for fashion. I hired her to help me take my professional wardrobe up a notch, and she’s been great. We started with a thorough closet examination, which Allie somehow managed to make fun even though I was dreading trying on all my clothes in front of a complete stranger. Since then we’ve done two shopping trips together with another scheduled one coming up. Each time, she is prepared and thorough, and she won’t rest until she’s found me everything I need — from a perfect pencil skirt to a blouse that looks great untucked to a beautiful coat that is perfect for fall weather. I highly recommend Allie! She is creative, dedicated, and VERY good at what she does.
— Brook G, Brooklyn NY
In May 2017, I decided to move to a new apartment in Manhattan, and hired Allie to decorate my new apartment, and assist in the moving process. Allie was invaluable from start to finish. Allie accompanied me on my apartment search, and helped me decide on an apartment. During the three months prior to my move, Allie and I developed a close working relationship. I gave Allie various feedback and suggestions, and she would go off and research various design options and solutions, and present them to me for approval. In addition, Allie came up with numerous creative ideas and suggestions of her own.

I found her to be extremely organized, thorough, communicative and responsive. At all times, Allie was mindful of my budget, receptive to my feedback, while also bringing her own creativity and ideas to the process. I was able to give Allie a general sense of my tastes and needs, and Allie would return with various creative solutions and suggestions that were responsive to my requests, but also broadened my design horizons as well. During the months leading up to the move, Allie spent long hours thoroughly researching furniture options, sketching out various layouts for the apartment, and making numerous trips to various furniture stores - both with and without me. She provided invaluable guidance at every stage of the process....

...She custom designed an Ikea wardrobe that I am extremely pleased with, creating an attractive storage solution for my bedroom. Everyone who has seen the wardrobe in person marvels at its creativity and attractiveness. She also custom designed additional storage units for my entryway in response to my specific requests. I know Allie spent many long hours putting this together - traveling out to Brooklyn, overseeing the installation etc. - and the end result is a tribute to all her hard work.

Allie is dedicated and hardworking, and was there for me every step of the way throughout the moving process. She seamlessly handled numerous furniture deliveries, and coordinated numerous logistical items associated with the move, and personally oversaw the set-up and placement of multiple items in the apartment. She was able to negotiate various trade discounts with many of the stores from which I purchased my furniture and accessories, resulting in significant cost savings....

...If you need help furnishing your apartment, and want someone extremely conscientious, meticulous, creative, friendly, reliable, always available, receptive to feedback and hard-working, definitely consider using Allie.
— Samson F, Manhattan NY
I was hesitant about hiring a personal stylist at first. I mean, shouldn’t I be able to dress myself by now? Isn’t this something all adults figure out on their own? But after 20 years of feeling insecure about how I dressed — since elementary school, basically — I decided to bite the bullet and see what a professional could do for me. I decided to view it as an investment. I chose Allie after some Googling, Yelping, and then sending out a few inquiry emails. She emailed me back immediately with a detailed explanation of her services and questions for me about what I was looking for. I decided to try her out after we had a call, and she laid out her philosophy for me.

And I can say now that Allie is amazing! We had 1 wardrobe audit session (where I bagged half my wardrobe — including way too many pieces I’ve had for a decade — for Goodwill, and Allie taught me the basics of what worked on me and what didn’t), 2 shopping sessions, and 1 styling session (where she helped me put outfits together from old and new items in my wardrobe) over the course of 2 months. It’s been a little over a month since our last session, and I’ve been getting regular compliments on my outfits at work ever since!

I really felt like I got a lot of bang for my buck. Allie is efficient and sticks to the essentials. She always seemed mindful of my budget and worked hard within that. I never once felt pressured or suckered into more or longer sessions (which was one of my concerns initially). Allie determined what the must-fill gaps in my wardrobe were and zeroed in on those. She visited all the stores ahead of time to pick out items for me to try when I got there. When we ended up with two items that served the same purpose, she’d say so and recommend the one I should return. She was also always mindful of the style I was striving for. I normally absolutely hate shopping, but this was the most efficient and pleasant shopping session I’ve ever had.

Overall, it was a great experience. I feel a lot more confident about my wardrobe now that it’s been vetted (and boy, did it need vetting) and now that I know that everything left actually fits me. I resurrected several pieces from my old wardrobe that I never used to know how to wear, because she showed me how. And I feel great about the new pieces, which are all versatile and help diversify my wardrobe. All in all, I’d definitely recommend Allie!
— Grace C, Manhattan NY
I live in CT and recently had the experience of a lifetime. I was fortunate to meet with Allie to transform my “look”. I received more than just new clothes, it was an education. I was more than willing to go into NYC to meet with Allie. The initial information I provided helped her to identify a store appropriate for someone my age group. When I arrived, Allie had prepared numerous outfits in a private dressing area. During the process, she pointed out why certain things fit and how those things mixed and matched to put together multiple outfits. Later, we went through my current wardrobe and pointed out the items that fit correctly and how to integrate those items with the new ones purchased earlier.
Allie was professional and since our time together, is available to answer questions and provide advice. I look forward to a chance to work with her again. For the man looking for a wardrobe update, I would highly recommend Allie Brandwein for a consultation.
— Neil D
Working with Allie has been great. I had Allie come to my apartment to do a wardrobe audit and then subsequently had Allie meet me to help me shop for new clothes. As a busy guy who doesn’t have a great fashion sense, working with Allie helped me to put together some go to outfits that I already own, as well as to help me find some new ones.

Additionally, Allie shows up 30 minutes early for our shopping sessions, so by the time I get there, she has already pulled a whole bunch of outfits for me to try on. Makes shopping much more efficient and easy. I highly recommend Allie’s services for any guy who needs help shopping and doesn’t like to do it on their own. Thanks!
— Jeremy T
Great closet audit, efficient and clear. It inspired me to get rid of even more stuff, and get some flatforms.
— Aurelia M
Allie was very easy to contact, provided helpful feedback and was a lovely person be to around! Highly recommend for people who hate shopping.
— Rachael S
Allie is a wardrobe super hero. She is a hard worker, professional, great sense of style but also considerate of her clients style and approach. I was lucky to meet Allie and she focused first on culling items not worn for one reason or another and then organizing and curating my core wardrobe. She appreciates and considers my work environment and my personal style in her approach. She is very easy to be around and I would definitely hire her again for a seasonal check and refresh.
— Rhonda R
My criteria for giving testimonials is whether or not I would recommend the person to my closest personal friends. In this case the answer is absolutely.

I have a career that involves television appearances and presentations and Allie was able to put together a 50+ page lookbook that I have inside my closet that helps me dress every single morning. More interesting, my wardrobe is almost 100% black and Allie was not able to work with this but developed a system to ensure that I could replicate each of the outfits without guessing what we put together.

Allie is professional. She has a good sense of style but more importantly can adapt outfits to her clients personality and professional and personal needs. I can’t recommend her more highly.
— Katrina D
Allie was great! I used Allie’s services for a closet audit, where we went through almost everything in my closet, and then for personal shopping. It was incredibly helpful to have her eye; she knew how to update many items in my closet and found things shopping that I would have never looked twice at. I highly recommend using Allie for your wardrobe/styling needs!
— Caroline P
Allie is helpful, attentive and always personable. I worked with her for custom suiting for my wedding. It was easy and the service was great but above all she was honest with me. I felt comfortable going over options for the fit and desired tailoring and exploring all custom options when it came to menswear. The added bonus is now I know the joys of custom fit clothing and I can contact her to reorder as needed. I was skeptical about the service and the value of the product at first and now having gone through the process with Allie I am pleased I not only have someone I can continue to work with but someone I enjoy to lead me as I up my suiting game.
— Greg M
Allie is a worker!!! she didn’t stop for 6 hours. very organized, extremely pleasant to work with. great eye
for style.
— Tara L
I really enjoyed working with Allie earlier this year as she accomplished a number of things:
— Figured out both classic staples and seasonal trends that were missing from my closet and how to wear them;
— Showed me how to wear pieces I really liked but didn’t know how to style;
— Designed outfits from pieces I already had to create “new” looks (and even took photos to create a look book);
— Helped me discard the pieces that I wasn’t going to/shouldn’t wear.

Not only was Allie extremely thorough, but she also was efficient. I couldn’t believe how much we accomplished in 2-3 hours. More than that, she gave me the confidence to experiment and try new looks. I would definitely work with her again, probably once or twice a year to refresh my closet and revisit my go-to looks.
— Amrita N
Allie literally transformed my closet! I am an architect with a demanding schedule and little time to think about fashion. Over the past few months I have had a lot of professional events and benefits to attend. I contacted Allie to help me decide how to make the best use of my wardrobe for my upcoming engagements. Not only did she help me discover how to pair together items I would have never thought of, she helped me edit my closet and get rid of unnecessary clothing that has been accumulating over the years.
— Ariella O
Allie has a great sense of style and understanding of my needs as a retired, young, senior. I am still very active, but also need more than just sportswear for those dinners and evenings out. Allie is terrific at understanding my fashion needs and how to help me make the best decisions for my body type. She is outstanding at coordinating what I already own with new style and design trends. In the long run, with Allie’s expert advice, I have made “smart” decisions about my wardrobe that have in fact been more financially wise too. I highly recommend her. Not only will you look and feel great, but the money she’ll save you by not making costly wardrobe errors might come in handy elsewhere.
— Lois B
Allie is a tremendous asset as a Personal Stylist. She came in and gave me a closet audit identifying pieces that need to go and where my gaps are in my wardrobe.

Allie was very helpful in selecting fabrics for my custom shirts. Her measurements were spot on and the shirts came out beautifully. She has a very good eye for details, right down to the buttons we selected for the shirts.

Also was fantastic on personal shopping occasions going from store to store with me, helping me fill out the gaps in my wardrobe. While I was in the fitting room, she would provide me options from the floor on various outfits that go together.

In the end, my wardrobe is complete and very flexible. I am a very satisfied client of hers and can highly recommend Allie for your wardrobe needs.
— James S
Overall the experience so far has been great - Allie was very professional, and met with me a week or so before the consult to discuss in general what my style is, what I want it to be, and how she can help. She also showed me some examples of lookbooks that she has put together for other clients. For the actual consult, Allie really helped me with putting together a lot of looks based on my current wardrobe, and also being honest about the pieces that don’t serve me well anymore (either are no longer in fashion, don’t work with my look, or were too worn). It was a great closet cleanse, and now when I look at what I have, I feel like I really like what I have to wear, and that I have the tools to put outfits together well.

Allie also provided me some advice on key pieces I need to complete my wardrobe. She also advised me on some things I can get that work with my existing wardrobe for the upcoming season, so that I can just buy a few key things and integrate them into what I have.

Allie has been great to work with, she is professional but also really funny and sweet, I feel like she really cares about her clients.
— Anna N
I’m a sleep deprived, pajama wearing, stay at home Mom... but after a closet audit/wardrobe consulting/styling with Allie... you wouldn’t know it. I learned a lot from Allie and continue to use her tips and tricks to put together outfits as quickly and easily as the pajamas I call my ‘mom uniform’. She also helped me eliminate pieces I don’t need (including those hard-to-part-with pieces that you really want to toss but can’t for some reason), find out what I am missing (which was almost everything basic) and work with what I’ve got (which I’m now rocking).

I’m looking forward to working with Allie again!
— Laura F
Allie is amazing! If I were a man, I’d marry her, but since I am a woman, I reached out to Allie for help with my style. Allie has an incredible taste of style and is able to find looks/outfits that not only complement an individual, but also are trendy (this doesn’t mean, however, that you’d need to go to a store every month!). Allie is very thorough and attentive in her approach. I absolutely LOVE the comprehensive Lookbook she has sent me after our closet review session - the lookbook serves me as guide for how/what to wear (it includes the photos from my closet edit session with Allie), provides individualized styling tips and ideas, and lists the pieces I should get to complement what I have. After working with Allie, I’ve been receiving compliments on my new looks that include my old / existing items, and I look forward to a shopping trip with Allie! I highly recommend working with Allie to anyone who’d like to improve their style, understand more about styling/matching different pieces, and become happier (yes, looking great makes us happier and more confident)!
— Lesya P
Allie has become the liaison between me and my closet. She is amazing at identifying trends, gauging fit and developing overall looks that make me feel comfortable and confident. She has given me the proper tools to dress myself, which you think would come naturally, but alas, I was never blessed with that gift. Personally, she’s wonderful - easy going, hilarious and the type of woman who embodies the word classy. She’s a gem.
— Katy K
Allie was a huge help in organizing my closet. I am preparing for a cross country move and therefore it was a perfect time to assess what should stay in my closet and what should go. Allie was so friendly, professional and had a great eye for fashion. Not only did we clear out all my closets, she also helped me see new outfit combinations with the pieces we kept. I would absolutely recommend her.
— Brittany K.
Allie was very meticulous and thorough and explained everything as we went along. She was able to make the nightmarish proposition of editing the wardrobe and going shopping into a much smoother and painless process. She has great vision and taste and I highly recommend her services.
— Raj J.
I’m pretty stubborn, which makes working with a stylist a challenge (on both ends!). Allie was patient with me. She did a great job balancing my resistance to change while gently pushing me to try new clothes. The closet-clean up was a huge help. Most importantly, when we were shopping, Allie made me feel comfortable. It was fun! I hope to work with her again soon.
— Sarah E.
She has a great eye!
— Jen H.
Allie is pivotal in transitioning me from analyst to executive. Research proves that those who succeed at positive appearance / impressions succeed more because people view them as more relatable and reliable. I knew my new role required me to step up my authority game and knew I needed to look the part.

She was phenomenal in listening to my needs, my problem areas, and budget. I dreaded editing my closet and was on day 2 when she swept in to the rescue. In less than an hour, the task was done and we had a blast. Highly recommend the In house closet cleanup service. Nothing is more valuable than the gift of more time to my day!

The building a workable wardrobe piece was even more delightful. I walked away with key classic and buildable pieces and a deeper understanding of how to look put together but not high maintenance.

I highly recommend any of her services. I could of spent hours doing this myself and reading blogs and returning items, and getting pressure from various sales associates, but having her support means I get my time and life back!
— Ana S.
Allison was a joy to work with. She helped me go through years of saved treasures from my corporate wardrobe. She was very efficient, knowledgeable and creative. She advised me to keep some items that I was planning to get rid of and advised me to get rid of items that I had planned to keep. No pressure - just a really pleasant and professional experience. I am looking forward to our next phase of putting outfits together for my own unique style.
— Lois L.
When I hired Allie I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I knew I was in need of a change and needed help building a workable wardrobe. Based on the goals that I set with her in our initial consultation she had a creative vision. First we tackled my closet. By the end we had 4 huge bags of clothing! She enlightened me on how to wear the pieces I already own and make them more on-trend. We set a shopping list for staple pieces. When we were out shopping she would explain each piece and how I would style it for everyday or special events. Some of the things that I wasn’t so sure about on the trip I actually went back a week later to buy without her. She let me decide and never pushed me into anything, which I loved!

Allie made the experience enjoyable for me with her humor and positive attitude. She continues to give me advise and tips even after our session ended. I am still able to send her pictures of things before I buy them because I know how much she cares about each and every client and how they look.

I love getting compliments on my outfits. One of my new co-workers said to me the other day that she loved how funky my style was!

The outcome of this whole process was absolutely priceless.
— Shannon B.
The most overwhelming part for me was editing my closet. We got to work and it was great because Allie really helped me understand the process. She went through everything piece by piece and told me how to wear the things that we kept and why I should donate what I didn’t keep. A decade of clothing took just a few hours! I was so impressed.

Her personal style is different than mine but that didn’t sway her opinion of what I should wear. Allie worked within my own personal style. She made the whole experience fun and I 100% would recommend working with her.
— Jean A.
I love working with Allie. I tend to dress on the safe side so I told her my goal was to be a more fun version of myself. I needed great work pieces but I didn’t want them to be boring and paired with my difficult form I knew this would be a challenge. She was able to hone in on my own personal style, mix the funky pieces that I love as well as interpret the trends that I would like to wear but know wont work with my body. I told her exactly what I was looking for and she hit the nail right on the head! Almost everything she chose for me what right on the money.

She would find things out and about during her everyday life and send me a pic and say “you would love this” and tell me where to get it.

She knows exactly what she is doing! I love having her as my stylist and wardrobe consultant.
— Pauline C.
I loved the reactions I get when I wear the outfits you put together for me. I never would have thought I had this many gems in my own closet! You taught me how to style myself.
— Chase H.
I give her an A+ in Styling, responsiveness, & budget.
— Jin L.
When I hired Allie I was stuck in a major fashion rut. She was extremely helpful in all aspects of revamping my current wardrobe and buying new pieces that fit my personality and budget. I couldn’t have done it without her. She is incredibly talented and so much fun to work with. I would recommend her to anyone!
— Robin R.
In just a few hours I learned so much about fashion & clothing. She showed me how to accentuate parts of my body that should be highlighted and how to draw focus away from others. I learned how to put pieces of clothing together that I never thought about pairing. She would say “it’s all in the details Monique”.
I had a blast and came out of the experience with much more than clothing and a new look.
— Monique K.