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These hours are crucial in starting your transformation. We will delve into your closet, taking a close look at all of your pieces. Donating the old, unworn and what doesn’t make sense with your ideal style. I’m known for breathing new life into forgotten treasures and giving you a better view of the pieces you have and love. By the end of this first session you will feel lighter and ready to conquer the next steps.

  1. One Full Wardrobe Audit, including:

  • gap assessment

  • guided clothing purge

  • outfit styling session


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2. Three Personal Shopping Sessions

Based on all the information you provide me in your welcome pack and what I gather from the wardrobe audit session, I pull together our in-person shopping plan. A highly curated blueprint of stores within your budget, style preferences & needs. Each session is specifically concentrated on a capsule that we prioritize in the wardrobe audit session.

3. One Outfit Styling Session

Once we’ve completed all your in person shopping sessions it’s time to show you how to incorporate everything into your wardrobe. Showing you how to wear what you’ve invested in more ways then you would imagine. This session is really important to come together and make sure we’ve built you a solid foundation.

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Whether during an in-person shopping or post outfit style session this is perfect for sourcing missing pieces that round out your ideal style.

Virtual Shopping & consigning

Two Sessions of Targeted Shopping for a specific occasion, item or gift.

(i.e. suit for event, gift for significant other, item specific request)


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Any questions or concerns you have are fully welcome! In between sessions you have all the freedom in the world to reach out and ask anything!

Perk: Access to TBG brand partner list from the Elite service Style Box by TBG.

Registering into this package you gain access to the complete list of brands that offer my clients exclusive discounts, along with VIP treatment when shopping. This is a great way to source amazing pieces in addition to all the shopping we do together.



{Payment plans are available for an additional fee}