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Ladies, and Gentlemen traveling with ladies, It's super important to check yourself and your traveling partners when you're on vacation. We are all in our happy places on vacation so we tend to spend money on things we don't really need or can use.

I rounded up the latest and greatest for everyone to take a peek. With BONUS notes on what makes these suits might be a great FIT for you, Don't forget to check out the surrounding links so you can follow along and you'll see more then what I put in the video.

Whatever you're doing on Memorial Day Weekend 2019 I can guarantee you will be going somewhere for a much needed holiday. Here are 6 total looks to inspire your outfits for the short weekend. Bonus: Most of you have the pieces in your closet already!

Taking on the challenge of styling a space, whether it's a bedroom, living room or kitchen - the first step besides identifying what that space will be used for is how you want to feel when you're living in it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Now that you have that all set it's time to figure out your design style. Today I'm going to give you some tips on how and where to find inspiration and discover your apartment interior design style.

Spring has sprung and it's time for a refresh! I always say never bring anything into your life without letting go of something and that's especially true for those of us that live New York City where space (and time) is limited.

It's FINALLY feeling like spring! I'm sure everyone is really happy to be shedding all those winter layers. Even though you might be putting away your heavy- cold weather gear there is still a bit of a chill in the air.

Ladies and Gentleman! If you know me you know I love footwear. Shoes can really tell a story and change the way the surrounding pieces feel. There are a few pieces I believe are must haves for everyone and almost everyone has their version of the white sneaker.