Suit Yourself Up

Good Things To Know:

What conversations to expect when you wear certain color suits:

  1. Warm colors like brown and camel lead to conversations about friendly things like family. You might want to wear these in informal settings like parties and social gatherings. 
  2. Cool colors like grey are serious so they will set a more professional vibe and bring on discussion & questions about work.

Show your personality with socks:

Matching your socks to your trousers is the traditional way to wear them. If you want to show your playful side try a color and fun patterns. It takes a certain personality to wear them and you can showcase who you are by what you wear on your feet.  **Disclaimer: Your socks should match your tie, pocket square or shirt. If you are going to wear a different pattern keep them in the same color family.

If the fit of your pant is right than you shouldn't see the sock if you are standing still up. Only walking or sitting!

Pattern mixing:

When wearing your suit you shouldn't wear more than 2 patterns for every 3 pieces(jacket, tie, shirt). If you are combining like patterns than make sure they vary in scale. If you are going to wear different patterns than combine are will!