Based in New York City, with 10+ years designing in the fashion industry, I am the owner of a style consultancy business and self-proclaimed dog whisperer (although my dog chooses to ignore most of what I tell him). Born in Canada and raised in Chicago I now consider myself just another "normal" New Yorker.

My personal style is casual, fun and relevant. I never buy an entire outfit at once and I like to mix and match trendy pieces with classic staples.  

I have an extensive background in fashion design, product development and home styling, which includes but isn't limited to a few degrees and a little bit shy of 2 decades of work experience. I am one of the few women leaders in the New York City styling industry for over the past 5 years. Today I stand as founder and CEO of my own company The Brandwein Group.

I operate with the belief that style isn't just defined by what you wear it's how you live your life every day. From what you put on that feels great, to where you put it on, it should feel like you.

Becoming a TBG client means I'll keep your wardrobe and interiors up-to-date and make you aware of current and upcoming trends that fit YOUR body, personality and overall aesthetic. In the spirit of sharing the wealth, I publish insider info, personal tips, fun pictures, hacks and other good stuff on my social accounts, so make sure to follow along. Sign up for my monthly newsletter Before you leave the house... to keep yourself in check.

I'm here to make fashion and design less intimidating and inspire you to be confident in your ability to take charge of your personal style.


XX Yours in style,



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