You don’t have to live in New York to work with me. This is an 8 week comprehensive styling program for those who are looking to invest in change. Throughout the 'VIRTUAL STYLE TRANSFORMATION' process I will help you curate a solid foundation that is truly inspiring. I believe my process works because I’ve carefully crafted a virtual version of my in-person ‘Building A Foundation’ styling program. I make sure we have all the same touch-points as if we were physically together. From our wardrobe review through our shopping, I will be right there with you as if we were in your closet or in the fitting room together.

Wherever you live, we can work together!



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Building your style profile


  1. One Full Wardrobe Review, including:

  • item specific review (current season)

  • guided clothing purge

  • gap assessment

  2. Targeting Specific Silhouettes

  • targeted consigning and virtual shopping

  • try-on video call

Once we have your style profile down the fun begins...

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Once we know what works on your body (taking your preferences into consideration) we can start curating your wardrobe of staple and investment items. Building your foundation based on the information I've gathered from all our prior sessions. Finding items you love that fit into YOUR everyday.

Here’s what’s included in your virtual shopping & consigning…

virtual_shopper_Allie_Brandwein_image_wardrobe_consultant_virtual_stylist_nyc (14).jpg

1. Virtual Shopping:

7 Sessions of 'FULL LOOK' shopping. You will receive one lookbook with 5-7 standout styles. Each book will pull together 1 complete outfit. Outfits will be flexible to create more outfits.

(scroll down to images below & click to view samples)

2. Try-on video call

This is essential to talk through each piece purchased, what you liked and what you didn’t! Get style tips for other ways to wear what you've invested and discuss next steps.

3. Item specific virtual shopping

1 Session of 'TARGETED SHOPPING' for a specific item.

(i.e. Based on the try on call, if we are missing a crisp white button down to complete x look, a black loafer will round out x outfit)




{Payment plans are available for an additional fee}