Secrets For The Professional Man

Tips for making your suite more modern and well fitted. These tips basically tell you how to choose a suit and best of all- look like a million bucks in it. 

1. The width of your tie should match the width of your lapel. It's all about balance. If one is larger than the other something will look off. 

2. Thin lapels are more modern and a wide lapel is more "old school".

3. Pocket squares add a level of polish and sophistication. Just make sure your square isn't the same color or fabric as any part of your suite or tie. It's meant to stand on its own by adding some interest and personality to your outfit, at the same time compliment your look.  

4. When buying a suit make sure the shoulders fit PERFECTLY. The sales people that work in the suiting department most likely know a thing or two about how suits should fit, so use them. 

  • Open your hand and place it vertically on the tip of the pad against your muscle. If you can feel your shoulder then this means the shoulders don't fit and you should try a smaller size.

5. Go for charcoal or grey over black when buying a suit. Grey's go well with most colors. Black is a bit too serious. If you want a solid suit try a dark navy.

6. Opt for a thin belt. Thin=sophisticated. Belt's finish the look and should always match your shoes. 

7. Your shoes should always match the color of you suit. They can definitely be tonal to compliment the color of your suit.

8. If you are on the larger side try a jacket with a double vent.

9. A single button jacket can also be worn more casually.

10. Most men around off the rack suit sizes. Invest in your suit and get a good tailor. Ill fitting suits are the worst and say more about you then you realize.  

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