How To Be The Best Dressed Guest


You're going to your best friends wedding and you still have nothing to wear. How does this always happen to you?!? You've known about it since the save the date.  I've finally cracked the code. After going through this dilemma myself for the past few years I finally have a solve. I'm embarrassed to tell you how easy it will be! Just watch.

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Whether you are a wedding guest, hosting an event or attending a Gala...there is NO EXCUSE to not be prepared. With a little planning and research you'll find what you love versus the dreaded scramble. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling!




Follow your gut and practice I.O.A.

I can guarantee that to get to where you are in your career you had to do your due diligence and I.O.A. Identify-Outline-Act. Identify what you want. Create a reasonable and totally feasible outline to follow. Then you certainly acted on that to get to where you are. Now what? You've built a solid career, have wonderful friends and family but still kinda feel unsettled in social settings or when you walk into a room with a lower level of confidence then others above you. I've found one reason(of course it's not THE ONLY reason) is confidence that stems from what you're wearing. 

You've had to navigate your way up your career latter these past many years. Now you're up there, with people you admire but don't feel on par. I've seen it, been there myself. You want to dress for the job and life you deserve but it's overwhelming. Just thinking about tackling a niche that isn't your forte scares you.

Here is what I've learned about style these past 15 years and why it's so effing complicated!

Let’s discuss - #1 there are a lot of options in the world. Between in person and e-commerce there is just too much room for error. B: Everyone is different. What looks good on YOU and what YOU like may not be what your best friend or co-worker likes or looks good on them. It’s important to really do the work getting to know yourself your body and try different fits. Sometimes it takes trial and error to get it right. Like I said there are so many options in the world you have to have patience and dedication. When I work with each client we always start with a similar formula but NOTHING is ever the same. 

It’s not that complicated but it does take work. If you are buying a house or an apartment you don't just order one online. You have to see it in person, walk through, crunch the numbers and emotionally connect. Some people go years and years without realizing what the right fit is for them or know of brands that they will eventually love. In the past 5 years I've worked with lots of different people, shapes and sizes. Where some of the conversations are the same and some are very different. You have to be open and willing try almost anything. I myself learn about new brands every day. Some I end up really liking and some fall to the wayside because they are not for me. It’s an emotional process but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. 

If you're not ready to invest in help then you definitely need to invest in the TIME  and work through on your own. I laid out the beginning of the process the 'wardrobe audit' in this challenge. Click this link and take a weekend to try it on your own. I promise it will be worth the time ---> {}

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Do you Cross-Pollinate?

I feel like I should touch upon mixing refined pieces into your off duty style #crosspollination at it’s finest. When you don’t have mounds of clothing (and if you do it’s totes fine by me) then the pieces you have should really be multi-functional. Remember that one time I spoke about shopping with intention? And by one, I really mean like millions! If we look at my outfit here: jean shorts, white sneakers and what looks like a casual merino pullover. ✅ I bought this Zadig & Voltaire sweater (sample sale talent!) with the intention that I will wear it super casual and then dress it up in the A/W with leather pants and heels.


Yes, I've already decided how I would wear something 4 months later. That's exactly what you should all be doing before you spend you money on anything. I've trained myself, before I spend money on anything to ask myself how I see myself utilizing that piece. I really have to be able to visualize the complete outfit before I invest. It takes a bit more thought but because I know what I have, and understand how to put things together I end up making good decisions. It’s simple enough yet has a cool asymmetrical jacquard detail that leans a bit rocker(which is kinda a portion of my A/W style). I already wear these sneakers 👟 all year round so really the only part of this outfit that’s seasonal(obvi) is the short. Point here is - you can style your pieces that seem so specific throughout the year at different levels of style. You just have to step back and take the time to see ALLLLLL the potential in your current closet and what you are looking to bring in. Like I keep saying - If it's going to take up prime real estate in a space with only so much room it really needs to make a huge impact(same for your dresser drawers). However you need to train your brain to stop and think through how you are going to use something(hopefully multiple ways) before you buy it DO THAT! It's totally weird at first but you'll thank me in the end. 


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