Did I Do That?

I do most things with intention. It just makes complete sense. I spent most of my early 20’s buying every piece of fast fashion I thought was “cute”. I would spend the weekends brunching with my friends and then stopping in to Forever21 to get a “super cute outfit” for whatever random bar or club we were going to that night.

All of this mindless shopping led to multiple closets filled with stuff. Each morning, I would go to my closet and still spend so much time trying to weed through and find ‘the perfect outfit’ for work. Not too mention, we had a nice little discount at my last job which caused even more problems. The brands style wasn’t at all ‘ME’ but I thought “well, it’s so cheap why not!”. I would buy things weekly on impulse.


In 2014 when I left my corporate life behind I stood in front of my overstuffed closets and went crazy. I think I spent two or three days locked in my apartment doing a huge purge. I hated what I’d done. How could I have wasted so much money!? I was always pretty frugal so the thought that I’d spent thousands of dollars on crap I didn’t like was infuriating. I had spent so much money on stuff that didn’t feel like me just because it was there and I “needed” something.

At that moment I couldn’t even tally up the money I’d spent through the years and was about to be donated. All that time spent and effort really was wasted. At this time all of these re-sale companies were forming – Threadflip was actually the first one I used (that company is no longer around). I thought I’d at least get a few hundred dollars back on my ‘investment’. When they sent my bag of crap back to me only accepting a handful of pieces maybe $40, I nearly threw up.

I promised myself-moving forward that I’d invest in classic pieces that I loved- and are ME- and I would take care of them. Pairing back on the investment I make going forward in fast fashion. Yes, I do love zara and forever 21 for the pieces that I still have till this day. But, I was “investing” in the wrong pieces and was not investing in myself. This is something I drive home to each and every client I work with. I’m lucky enough now to really take my time and purchase things with intention—and that’s exactly what I teach my clients. Like I mentioned in my challenge, if you’re going to bring something into your closet and have it take up prime real estate you need to really love it.

And that my friends is why I ‘shop with intention’.

xx yours in style,