Shop Your Closet. How To Style New Looks Without Spending A Penny


It's ok to use what you've GOT. It's the new year and you've all spent way too much money last December/holiday season. We all want to feel fresh through the cold dreary winter months and I'm telling you it's totally fine to shop what you've
already invested in! 

I’m certainly not made of money and I spend a lot of time picking the perfect pieces because I wasted a lot of time (and money) on C.R.A.P. throughout my adult life. If you know my story and how I pivoted switching careers, you’ll know that I already went through the same things my clients go through when we start working together.

I’ve already been there and worked through things so you don’t have to! That’s also why this tip is really really simple and will take little to no energy. Just a quick watch! Feel free to share with a friend or co-worker :) 2019 is all about simplifying!

xx yours in style,


Just in case you're starting from scratch...I pulled together a few selects that I think will make great investments in any style. Once you build your foundation you'll easily be able to shop your closet.

Of course I threw some home in the mix - because as well all know your style isn't ONLY reflected in what you wear...your space should feel like you too!