Build Your Personal Brand In 3 Easy Steps

If you're wondering what to wear tomorrow and are bored of your closet I have some fun tips for you.

#1. Take inventory of your closet. Be honest and look with fresh eyes. Pretend you aren’t looking at your own closet. I believe that if you step back, remove the emotions you will totally be able to see the raw pieces for what they are and then you will see potential.

#2. Get inspired from your favorite stores. Just taking a quick peek at how brands style things is really helpful. Add a belt that you’ve had for YEARS to that! OR pair a ankle boot vs. a flat type of quick change can really elevate your whole look but doing it with your own pieces.

#3. Note the few pieces you need to complete these new looks and target those. Stay on task and shop with intention. Have a friend help you go shopping and tell them the goal.

It doesn’t take much to make a few tweaks to how you style your own pieces. Most already have what they need it’s just how re-org and find new ways to wear what you have. Building your confidence that you can up level your look with minimal effort in 3 steps.

If you are in desperate need of a wardrobe audit and have a weekend free. Take my style challenge and learn the exact steps to take to successfully perform your own wardrobe audit like a stylist.

xx Yours in style,