The FASHION cycle

In true fashion everything comes back around. “They” say roughly every 7 years. Who would’ve thought I would own and freaking L.O.V.E. my new @champion sweatsuit. That is right! Not only do I have these awesome comfortable joggers I bought the matching sweatshirt - just to fulfill the urge of the teenager inside me that used to rock a full Juicy velour suit. Oh that’s right I had the 🌎 supply. Of course there’s a few updates as the world turns. The leg is slimmer - longer and some of the details are different like a great high-rise. I definitely could never have kept an old pair if I even had ☝🏼. I really love the updated details. Yes, most things do come back in style but never the same way you had the first time around. So, NO. You shouldn't keep something just because it might come back in style. There are always exceptions to the rule for vintage investment pieces. So like I always say "let it go - Move on" and there’s always going to be a new version of that something you love that’s updated and probably more flattering! I try my best to really stress this over and over again during the wardrobe audit and style sessions. We look at each piece and evaluate. I've taken many fashion history courses throughout my time in school so I think that was a bit helpful in being able to gauge what has potential to be a "to hold onto" piece and what doesn't.  


xx yours in style, 



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