Real Life STYLE

Oh, my Hair looks really nice today??? Oh thank you so much it’s because I washed - dried - straightened and then waved it!” Two hours of my life spent on my hair. I am lucky enough that I do not have to do this every single day—-> I’d probably shave my head if that was the case! Life isn’t perfect. It’s not an edited Instagram photo. I’m always surprised when I hear people say things like “I can’t wear that again can I?” Let me tell y’all something (who’s southern accent is that?) NOBODY expects a real person to have endless amounts of clothing. You can wear the same blazer multiple times — it’s not a problem to re-wear the same pattern trousers. It’s all about how you style something- but at the same time if you re-wear the same exact look a few weeks from now “SO WHAT!?” Nobody expects you to show up at the office in the stiletto heels - it would be a bloody mess - carry them in a little bag or keep them at work and put them on when you get there. If I could show you what my desk looked like in my office years and years ago .... it was merely a place to keep my fancy heels. We are not celebrities — we are REAL people and this is exactly what I look like 20 minutes in to waving my hair. #reallife Chip clip and all😂 & yes I am in a 20-year-old t-shirt from one of my fav fraternities from college sitting, on two pillows in my living room so I can be near sleeping Bendels - that’s how I role.