My Atheleisure Obsession

I've never been one to spend a ton of money on running gear. Like most people I have some Lululemon and Under Armour but don't get decked head to toe in one particular brand.

I no longer belong to a brick and mortar gym so the elements dictate my workout schedule. Last winter, I wasn't doing much running because of all the snow. This year I was determined to find a few pieces that will let me be outside in the freezing cold and get my run-on. 

I was just visiting the arctic, otherwise known as Chicago, and found myself in an Athleta store. I've walked in a few times to location around the corner from my apartment in NYC because my dog likes to say hi to the store associates and do a lap. I've never tried anything on let alone bought a thing!

I can't stop raving about these pants(*Ski Line Polartec 2 Tight ($84)) and pullover jacket(*Vortex Half Zip ($118)). I can be outside, in 16 degree weather, and not even feel a bit of a chill. They are a must in my book!

Yours in style,