My Shoe-session

Sophia Webster Shoes From Bergdorf Goodman

I'm not going to say it's a "problem" just yet but I think I'm teetering along the line of obsession. I tried to real myself in recently by creating a shoe budget but it seems impossible for me not LOVE shoes! I have way more than one would ever need. When my shoes would no longer fit in my closet and started to line my floors it sparked a bit of concern. Nothing to fret over just yet but I took notice. 

I tend to dress on the casual side and my personal philosophy is a white v-neck t shirt goes with ANYTHING so styling my looks with a statement shoe is a must. I like shoes that can make an outfit and Sophia Webster shoes do just that. It's like wearing a work of art on your feet!

I was perusing 5F the other day and came across these Sophia Webster shoes. The Riko and the Chiara. These are just a smidge of what you will find in her collections. Fun and flirty, her shoes will make anyone smile. 

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