Fashion doesn't have to be painful

I'm 100% guilty of buying extremely uncomfortable shoes and saying things like "Oh, I'll break them in" or " I'll just stay seated the whole time". Well, that isn't reality is it ladies? Once a shoe is on my foot all bets are off. I can potentially have a very painful and uncomfortable situation on my hands(or feet!). Throughout my years of wearing heels I've found some easy ways to keep your feet pain free! 

Tip #1-

Get Dr. Scholl's messaging gel insoles and put them in every high heel you have. They work wonders. They extend the time you are able to wear your high heels. 

Tip #2-

The thinner the heel the more uncomfortable they are so opt for a chunkier heel to give you more support. 

Now read this article to find out how you can stretch your shoes from the comfort of your own freezer!  13 Ways to make your high heels more comfortable.

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