How to pick YOUR Hero

I believe that everyone should have statement pieces. I lovingly call them your “HERO” piece. To me - it’s defined by what your ideal style is like tenfold. It’s something that you don’t wear much but when you wear it you style it with classic staples.

Example—> this emerald green tool Rochas skirt. I styled it with a classic button down from zara (btw) and my go-to dolce vita cap toe perforated oxford’s. Obviously, the hero in this look is the skirt. The supporting players are the button down and the shirt. Both neutral, both extremely reasonably priced (the shoes cost all of $20 at Bloomingdales on deep deep discount YEARS ago).


For menswear I always believe in a GREAT piece of outerwear, shoe and pattern. If you wear suits everyday mix up your solid navy with a pop of (insert something you like here) in your tie or pocket square. If you're in tech and like to be casual then a cool sneaker or awesome hoodie with a graphic will do the trick (check out my last post to find your hero sweatshirt ---> ( ) . I can't tell you what your hero because everyone's is different. But I will say this -- never wear multiple hero pieces at once. Stay true to the statement you're making and let the piece speak for itself. 

xx yours in style,


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