Dress Like A Man

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1.Skin: Back when men spent most of their lives outside, hardy materials like shearling were reserved for workwear. Not anymore! Mixing leather with these fun details function for warmth as well as fashion. 

2 Lightweight Layering: Quilted throughout and lined with warmth-trapping fleece, this jacket is the glue your winter looks needs.This can even serve as a mid-layer.

3. Classical wool: The classic investment that cannot go wrong. Soft lines while keeping the shape every man needs a classic wool coat in their closet. 

4. Military-inspired: Few items of menswear come packaged with as much attitude, heritage or filtered masculinity as a military coat. Find your favorite and wear it with pride. 

5. Bomber Jacket: Bombers are great! In smooth fabrications with subtle sheen you definitely show you know what you're doing. Decidedly more modern than tactile pea coats(which is just a classic for guys at this point) in wool and perfectly offset everything.

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