How To Turn A Drab Room Around

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I was readying an article on my about T Swifts' new Tribeca pad. At first I was a little taken back by her choice of pink. But as this picture settled in my mind I thought it felt warm and inviting. I want a pink sofa! Jk...But I myself have always loved the idea of a deep navy velvet sofa or rich turquoise. 

As most people struggle with their current living room decor and how to update without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on all new furniture. I saw why fret?  I Love adding pops of color to update a space and make it feel fresh. It's all in the details as some say;) You can do this in steps. 

Recipe for success:

Pick one color you love, mix in a few neutrals and a metallic! Makes for an exciting warm living space.

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xoxo yours in style,  AB

xoxo yours in style,